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null and by Meeeggaaaaannnn null and :iconmeeeggaaaaannnn:Meeeggaaaaannnn 2 0 Untitled by Meeeggaaaaannnn Untitled :iconmeeeggaaaaannnn:Meeeggaaaaannnn 13 9 Stare by Meeeggaaaaannnn Stare :iconmeeeggaaaaannnn:Meeeggaaaaannnn 13 10 berries by Meeeggaaaaannnn berries :iconmeeeggaaaaannnn:Meeeggaaaaannnn 4 0 sweet aurora by Meeeggaaaaannnn sweet aurora :iconmeeeggaaaaannnn:Meeeggaaaaannnn 8 3 muffled by Meeeggaaaaannnn muffled :iconmeeeggaaaaannnn:Meeeggaaaaannnn 2 1 touch by Meeeggaaaaannnn touch :iconmeeeggaaaaannnn:Meeeggaaaaannnn 14 2 tangle by Meeeggaaaaannnn tangle :iconmeeeggaaaaannnn:Meeeggaaaaannnn 29 7 all those years, by Meeeggaaaaannnn all those years, :iconmeeeggaaaaannnn:Meeeggaaaaannnn 58 25
broken doors and cracked tiles
   He writhed on the cold floor, clawing at the tiles with his chewed fingernails. He had hoped that his death would be peaceful and dignified, in a hospital room filled with love; or maybe quietly in his sleep. He coughed a dry, humourless laugh and blood poured from his mouth, finding its way into the cracks of the dirty tiles and spreading away from his ruined body. His hair was already matted with the blood he'd coughed up earlier after taking those damn pills and he'd been lying on the kitchen floor for the past hour, waiting for something, anything, to happen. He'd gladly take unconsciousness and was happy to feel his brain finally clouding over. He was vaguely aware of someone, a girl, shouting his name through his broken letterbox. He smiled, assuming he was in heaven already, as a wave of darkness took him under.
:iconmeeeggaaaaannnn:Meeeggaaaaannnn 5 9
those haunting memories
The frosty wind caught the hem of her dress and bit at her rosy cheeks.
She quickened her pace and turned up her music - beating through her eardrums and into her brain, drowning out the memories. Looking up, she caught a glimpse of the dimpled smile she knew all too well and locked eyes with him for a split second. She had to turn away, hot tears stinging her frozen face, as his showed no recognition and when she looked up, he was gone… Just the hint of his happy laughter, being carried away by the wind. How could he not be hurting as much as she was? Surely, the months they spent together meant something to him too? Blocking these razor sharp thoughts from her mind she hurried home, to the haven of her room, where she could sit and try not to think about how it would be - if he only felt the same as before.
The wind was bloody freezing and it seemed to make its way up his trouser legs and underneath his tightly zipped coat. Shivering, he pulled his arms around himself, glanci
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quit by Meeeggaaaaannnn quit :iconmeeeggaaaaannnn:Meeeggaaaaannnn 8 3 convergence by Meeeggaaaaannnn convergence :iconmeeeggaaaaannnn:Meeeggaaaaannnn 8 4 its winter by Meeeggaaaaannnn its winter :iconmeeeggaaaaannnn:Meeeggaaaaannnn 17 2 the dust. by Meeeggaaaaannnn the dust. :iconmeeeggaaaaannnn:Meeeggaaaaannnn 4 2 dust by Meeeggaaaaannnn dust :iconmeeeggaaaaannnn:Meeeggaaaaannnn 9 3

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Unraveling Fire II boy by carts Unraveling Fire II boy :iconcarts:carts 2,437 264 sand by morethanlove sand :iconmorethanlove:morethanlove 640 49 the magic of books. by CaitlinWorthington the magic of books. :iconcaitlinworthington:CaitlinWorthington 2,666 129 fim by hiimlucifer fim :iconhiimlucifer:hiimlucifer 165 21 Freestyle by rosesforher Freestyle :iconrosesforher:rosesforher 21 6 Schizophrenia iii by hiimlucifer Schizophrenia iii :iconhiimlucifer:hiimlucifer 237 29 Jezebel by jarrod343 Jezebel :iconjarrod343:jarrod343 290 10
   Half of my heart is wrapped delicately in ribbon and lace, layered softly in crinoline. It's naïve and romantic. Childish, it believes in soul mates, and love at first sight.
   The other half is scarred; black, fraying lace draped lazily, sloppily around it. It's bound in ripped fishnets. It's old and wise and cynical. It's adorned with cuts and bruises.
   My naïve heart is persuasive. It whispers quietly 'He's different. This one's different'
He never is, he never is, he never is.
You'd think I'd learn.
I never do, I never do, I never do.
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Syntax Error
>Uninstall LovingRelationship.ini
>Are you sure? Revert to previous stable file status as Friendship.ini instead?
>Process may take several weeks. Continue anyway?
>>Initialize HangOutWithFriends.exe
>Connection with Drive K is successful
>Drive L is attempting connection. Virus Scan has detected potential malware ExGirlfriend.exe on Drive L! Allow?
>System memory is low. System shut down?
>>End process Surprise.bin
>>End process Insecurity.bin
>>Initialize PoliteGreeting.doc
>System has received PoliteResponce.doc from Drive L
>>Inquiry of Drive L current process tree
>Drive L awaiting Drive GC to accept connection for basic file transfer
>Drive T is attempting connection. Allow?
>Drive L has disconnected
>Drive K has disconnected
>>Initialize Distractions.exe
>System is attempting to run multiple processes of Smoking.bin. Allow?
>Smoking.bin has failed. Reinitialize?
>Memory loss. System wipe.
:iconinshiningarmor:InShiningArmor 29 12
My shoulders click and my wrists snap. I dislocate fingers as I thrash violently on the kitchen floor. And try to project myself away. To Joshua.
He’s lying upside down in an armchair engrossed in his book, I’m four years old drawing picture after glorious picture in my turquoise notepad with my set of crayons by my side, they are every colour of the rainbow and more.
As I finish each picture I show it to Joshua and he smiles this huge smile and says, “That’s really great, it’s beautiful Maggie. Just like you.” then goes back to his book.
“What’s it about?” I ask him
“It’s quite complicated really, it’s to do with time and space and travelling great distances” he pauses, thinks then tells me, “you wouldn’t understand.”
“I can try,” I offer.
“Well… it’s just about the solar system, different theories about the planets in orbit, and the stars. Explaining that no matter how hard we try
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the bird
there once was a bird that had the most beautiful wings until a boy came along and broke them so viciously that she never flew again.
:iconl-forever:L-forever 18 8
the blind boy's bird girl
the saddest girl in the world,
she turned into a paper bird.
she flew away and in turn,
she flew into the sun to burn.
as her ashes fluttered down,
they came to rest across the town.
the blind boy cried when her feathers flared,
and ventured where nobody dared.
he crossed the city to the yard
where dead were strewn and then he called
"bird girl, bird girl, why'd you go?
now all's left is street and snow.
you left me here, all alone,
feels like i'm stripped of blood and bone.
my heart is crushed and my cheeks are wet,
we haven't been together yet.
you had to go and burn to death,
instead of doing coke or meth,
you flew yourself into the sun
and now the damage has been done."
the blind boy climbed into the sky,
whispering his final, sad goodbye.
he leaped from the tallest building he could find,
the resulting impact was not kind.
his bones all broke, his skull was smashed,
the townspeople thought that he was trashed.
but really he couldn't bear his life,
all his troubles, all his strife.
:iconl-forever:L-forever 15 27
bird wings.
theres a girl who has irses the colour of running ink. she covers canvasses with blood-red paint and covers note books in everything she wishes she could be. hanging red canvasses on the blue walls in her room sometimes make her feel as though she's burning. when she comes home from school she lays on her bed and she cries, burning from the inside out.
theres a girl who spends her nights curled in a ball, in the park behind her house. her cheeks are decorated in purple-blue-black bruises and her tights are ripped. i want to hold her to my chest and run my fingers through her sienna hair; hold her hands and kiss her fingers. i want to protect her, keep her in a cage and make sure that no one can get in.
there's a girl who has sand through her hair, and dirt underneath her fingernails. she reminds me of long, crashing waves that you see at the ocean. the kind that you can't fight, the kind that looks so gentle and calm until they finally reach the shore; then they fall and break. vio
:iconblackmagicboy:BlackMagicBoy 105 176
Get Beat Up
I fucking love waking up with a broken nose, swollen eyes, hungover, cold, gutter-stench sallow in last night’s damp rags. The lace on my left shoe is missing for some reason. I’m covered head to toe in caked mud, or shit… it’s all over the floor, footprints stitching a path from the doorway to the bathroom to in front of the couch where I apparently fell and blacked out, leaving a sort of lurid black snow angel in my wake. Jake is still in the bathroom, face-down in the toilet where he passed out. He’s pissed his pants. Hope he’s not dead. Smells like it. Maybe it’s better if he is.
No, probably not.
There’s vomit in the sink. Two teeth, a canine and a lateral incisor, gagged up, dried to the sides. I kick Jake in the ribs and tell him to get the fuck up. He starts and blinks vacantly at the base of the bowl, breathing raggedly. Why’d you have to puss out on my like that? I could have died. Maybe that’s what you were trying for? Fuck y
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it's been a long time, huh.
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