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lets be happy (:
first day back at college tomorrow...fresh start and all that.

biiiig grin all day.
  • Watching: 28 days
One day, I will find something worth living for.
Until then, I'll have to dream about finding something worth living for.

Editing wedding shots is so tiring but I cant sleep a wink.
  • Listening to: maria mena
  • Eating: no.
some people are worth it.

you are not.
I got a Beautiful Days ticket!!! Ahhh'm so happy (: (:
Also I've been editing photos all day but none of them are very inspiring so I'll leave them for now.
I miss my lion /:
  • Watching: Skins
I will not give up until I get a Beautiful Days ticket. It's one of the last things me and Jake will do together and I'm not not going. I keep being outbid on ebay, which is a bitch but I refuse to stop trying. SOMEONE will have a ticket.

Photoshoot tomorrow (:
Big Chill was so good, I wish I'd stayed there. We did not want to leave, not at all.
MAN I MISS IT. Mm but I've got Beautiful Days and Aeon to come. Fuck. Yes.

On another note, I have no idea what I'm bloody doing.
And yeah, I shot some film at the festival so I might put some of that up if it's any good.
But yes, me and Jake had very good times watching bands and dancing and drinking and smoking and not sleeping and aaaah it was fucking fun. I will be incredibly upset when he leaves.
Which is not a long way away at all. Bad times to come.

It feels weird but good being on Photoshop and stuff again.
Big Chill in a week, EXCITEMENT I get to see Newton Faulkner again. (: (:

So yeah.. I've finally started uploading things again. Sweet.
  • Listening to: Bon Iver
  • Drinking: MUDDY PUDDLE oh yes, nostalgia.
I havent been in a really good mood for ages. It seems like every time I get some good news, someone tells me something shit has happened. 1 step forward, 2 steps back.
I'm planning a shoot tomorrow I think. Expect it to be miserable, I dont know why. Im fed up of this fucking mood :(
  • Listening to: Mixtapes.
today was BLOODY GOOD.
aghhh im so happy (:

im ol' gregg.
  • Listening to: fleet foxesss.
  • Drinking: skinny coke.
yeaaah it has. things were busier than i expected them to be.
i'll prolly start shoving all my crap up here again soon (:

uuuh i dont have much to say. except that my mighty boosh liiive dvd came today and that noel fielding is a BEAST.

i'll go watch that now.  i hope you're all okayyyyy.
im happy. <3
  • Listening to: the boosh boys &lt;3
  • Drinking: skinny coke.
i went to see newton faulkner the other day..
he is AMAZING & his dreads are pure love.  what a legend.  ♥ :aww:

also, im doing some baby photos for my mums friends and possibly a wedding in the summer.
not really what i want to do in the long run, but good experience.  also kinda scary and pressure filled. especially the wedding... eek. baha.


repeat after me by lullacrie

  • Listening to: charlie winston
  • Drinking: skinny coke.
c'mon summer.

My Own Summer by CaptainChibi
.rainy.summer. by candymax

im not feeling patient.
  • Drinking: skinny coke.
oh tell me now, where was my fault
in loving you with my whole heart?

istheonlyoneilet by Nuxk

i hope, i really hope.
  • Drinking: skinny coke.
yups, i got a formspring.. i wonder if anyone will actually do it?!
so go here & ask me anything;

also: its my art and photography exams next week & im kinda excited..
i dont know whats happened to me d:

i've decided on a rainbow theme for my feature this time (:


Read My Lips by alamae


some things last a long time by byebyebeautifool




Rain2 by zeldis


my strange condition. by emeraldiris

INDIGO (im gunna go with 'pink'):

All tomorrows by PiaG

VIOLET (..and purple? ahah.):

toxic love V.2 by 6Artificial6

& an extra BLACK & WHITE:

ealhan by molokolo

im not really sure it works but i dont care cus they're all gorgeous d:

FORMSPRING ME; … it now (;

ps: i can smell summer in the air and it makes me SO HAPPY (:
..although more snow is apparently coming next week.
but merh, I CAN SMELL THE SUN (x    ♥
  • Drinking: skinny coke.

personal shoes by JeanFan

Toi mon amour, mon ami V by nekrasovatanya

Taste of spring by vampire-zombie

pedestal by aimeelikestotakepics

Chucks of my grandma by fogke

all so very beautiful.
it randomly snowed again last night.
im happy.

  • Listening to: the decemberists &lt;3
  • Drinking: skinny coke.
a BIG thankyouthankyou and HUGS to DogmaticKerr cus he bought me a 3 month premium subscription! (:
basically, im gunna take advantage of this and do many a feature, so look out cus there might be one for YOU. (:  


fim by hiimlucifer


We Are Not Alone by harajukumatt

Citythatneversleeps by eymentopcuoglu

  • Listening to: imogen heap
  • Drinking: skinny coke
hugs.    i've got lots of work to do this week.  
stress is already making me tired and ill.
BLEH, this is gunna be a long week.

  • Listening to: bon iver
  • Drinking: skinny coke
that i can write short stories.

but um i'm writing one right now.
and it's escalating into a full blown story.
hahaha. i know.
but its FUN so merh.
main characters are Grace & Miles.
n'aww? (:

but i might just make a collection of short stories, so i can have fun developing them and yeh.. that should be.. fun? (:
i might also draw them. that would also be fun.

i'll stop saying 'fun' now. /: aha.

erm & im pretty content. haha.
had a hiccup this morning where i wasnt so content.
but merhh im over it (8

yay ♥
  • Listening to: william elliott whitmore &lt;3
  • Reading: lovely texts
  • Drinking: milky tea
MAN i have so much work to do!
i have tomorrow afternoon off after work.. so i'll basically be working on art and photography all day.
yay?   ughh.

but life is good & im getting plenty cuddles (x

  • Listening to: sia
  • Drinking: skinny coke, of course.
i want to listen to bright eyes until i fall asleep.
so i will.

i want to learn something new.
so i will.

i want to hold you.
so i will.

i cannot lose you again.
  • Listening to: bright eyes